SOL Test Dates

December 01, 2017

End-Of-Year Testing

The end-of-year testing window is quickly approaching.  Please avoid scheduling student appointments or trips during the May 7-June 8 time period.

In addition to SOL testing, iReady and other end-of-the-year assessments will also be taking place during this time period at all grade levels

Below is a list of the dates scheduled for grade level SOL tests.   

  • May 8th:  4th Grade Reading
  • May 9th  5th Grade Reading
  • May 10th:  6th Grade Reading
  • May 11th:  3rd Grade Reading
  • May 15th:  5th  Grade Math
  • May 16th:  6th Grade Math (includes 5th & 6th AAP)
  • May 17th:  3rd Grade Math
  • May 18th:  4th Grade Math
  • May 24th:  5th Grade Science
  • May 30th:  4th  Grade History
  • June 4th:  Reading Retests for eligible students
  • June 5th:  Math Retests for eligible students
  • June 6th:  SS/Science Retests for eligible students
  • June 7th/8th:  Make-up days for retakes, if needed