Mrs. Spector and Mrs. Riley Recognized at FCPS Honors!

January 29, 2018

award winners

Fairhill Outstanding Employees

This year Fairhill submitted two names to FCPS for their outstanding contributions and dedication to Fairhill!

Outstanding Support Employee:  Amy Spector

  • Parents, students, staff, and community members feel valued, respected, and supported when working with Mrs. Spector.  Families seek out her guidance and assistance in identifying and utilizing resources–even before joining the Fairhill community—and even after students have moved on to middle and high school! Students sense her ongoing dedication and sincere belief in their success. Mrs. Spector models a harmonious and composed demeanor that puts others at ease regardless of the circumstance. With kindness and integrity, she spreads light to others in everything she does. 

Outstanding Teacher:  Dana Riley

  • Mrs. Riley is a dedicated teacher who genuinely cares for her students’ education as well as their social and emotional learning skills.  She incorporates social and emotional learning concepts into her teaching so students develop positive attitudes toward their education and success. Mrs. Riley is also a  master teacher of content who is consistently prepared with highly detailed and well thought-out lesson plans for all subject areas.  With a particular passion for Virginia History,  Mrs. Riley brings history alive for the children. Through dramatic and engaging storytelling complete with various voices and accents, engaging role-playing, analogies, and her incredible knowledge of the subject matter, she inspired interest and was proud of the learning proficiency students demonstrated.  Children and families reported that they visited historic sites and special events because of Mrs. Riley's unique ability to peak their interest and curiosity about VA history. Mrs. Riley is one of the most dedicated and passionate teachers in FCPS.