School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

SIIP At-a-Glance

  • Fairhill Elementary School

  • Region 2

  • Ted Cooper, Principal  

English Language Arts Strategies

Outcome: Students reading on grade level by the end of 3rd grade

Goal: By June 2024, the percentage of ALL third grade students demonstrating a passing score in reading as measure by the Reading SOL assessment will increase by a minimum of 10% for each sub-group.

  • Strategy 1: Increase use of data (e.g., iReady, CORE, PASS, PRF, WIDA) to plan instruction and monitor progress for students demonstrating risk.
  • Strategy 2: Improve daily, systematic, explicit instruction in phonological awareness, phonics, and morphology in the core language arts block.
  • Strategy 3: Expand access to evidence-based tier 1 instruction as well as intervention for students demonstrating risk in a multi-tiered system of supports.

Math Strategies

Outcome: Growth and performance on state/national/international assessments in math.

Goal: By the end of the 23-24 school year, the percentage of students with disabilities scoring pass or pass proficient on the spring math SOL will increase from 50% to 60% or greater.

  • Strategy 1: Increase systems of support during the school day, after school, and summer to help student achieve success in mathematics.
  • Strategy 2: Increase teacher implementation of explicit instruction and other components of effective mathematics intervention.
  • Strategy 3: Improve teachers' implementation of Framework for Engaging & Student-Centered Mathematics Instruction. 

Other Strategies

Outcome: Academic Growth and Excellence

Goal: Students participating in level IV classes in grades 3-6 will improve their overall Pass Advanced rate to 75% in Reading, and 70% in Math, and Science.

  • Strategy 1: Our level IV teachers will participate in the PLC process as members of their collaborative teams.
  • Strategy 2: Teachers will participate in monthly vertical CLTs with level IV collaborative team to plan for rigorous instruction using interdisciplinary guides.
  • Strategy 3: Teachers will engage in regular data dialogue using the Fairhill Data Dialogue protocol to determine next teaching points.