Computer Science Education Week

December 03, 2020

The week of December 7th-13th is Computer Science Education Week, when we learn and explore more about Computer Science and coding. Computer Science is the study of how to use computers to learn, explore and create. Creating, building and editing code is one way to learn about Computer Science. When students engage in coding, they learn critical thinking and problem solving and are actively engaged in creativity. Coding can be accessed by all students and empowers them to be resilient and try new things. 

  • View our Student Website Page to try out new coding activities for 2020. See if you can complete at least 1 hour of coding.

  • Invite a parent to code with you, or share what you have been able to create during your time coding.

  • Visit coding links from previous years at Fairhill.

  • More resources are available to students and families on our FCPS page and

Students at Fairhill create and edit projects using code (from previous years).